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    Vouchers FAQ

    How many vouchers can I purchase?

    As many as you like! You will receive a separate pdf for each voucher purchased to the email address that you specify on the booking.

    Do I get a physical voucher?

    No, all vouchers are sent by email so you can print them yourself and pop them into a card or a gift.

    How long will my voucher be valid for?

    Your voucher will be valid for 6 years from date of purchase and can be used to make a booking at Waterworld at any time within that 5 year period.

    Can I bring my voucher with me to gain entry on the day of my visit to Waterworld?

    No. You must still book your slot. Your voucher will contain a 16 digit code which you will enter in order to redeem the amount against your ticket purchase.

    Do I need to use the full value of my voucher on my booking at one time?

    You don’t have to spend all of your voucher at once. If there is still money left on your voucher, you can use it towards another booking at another time.

    What if my booking comes to more than the balance of my voucher.

    You will need to pay the balance of your booking by credit card in the normal fashion.

    Can I cash out any remaining funds on my voucher?

    It is not possible for you to cash out remaining funds. Any remaining funds can be used towards another booking at another time.

    How do I check my balance?

    We would advise you to keep a note of what you have spent on your voucher so that you know what your balance is. If you do not know your balance, you can contact us at and we can help!

    When can I book my slot?

    Keep an eye on our Facebook and website to know when our bookings open for 2023!