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    Water Safety

    Please view our guidelines


    Here at Waterworld your safety is our priority that is why we only use a dedicated team of Lifeguards to control the pools, slides and flumes, certified through the Irish Water Safety and the Royal Life Saving Society both internationally recognised qualifications. Our commitment to your safety means that during your time here you can relax and focus on the fun and adventure during your visit. To ensure every visit has safe and fun time we have a set of rules and regulations that keep everyone happy during their time at Waterworld.


    • All children under 12 years must be accompanied in the water by an adult. Ratio 2:1.
    • No Running, Jumping or diving allowed.
    • All weak and non-swimmers must wear buoyancy aids – available for purchase from Reception.
    • Inflatable swim rings are not allowed ~ only Approved Inflatable Baby Seats are permitted.
    • In the interest of water quality & hygiene, all persons must use the toilet and have a shower before entering the pool.
    • The Changing Village is suitable for male and female changing and is for bathers only.
    • Non-bathers can use the Toilets in the Vending Area for a nominal charge of 20c.
    • Customers are NOT allowed to eat their own food in the Complex.
    • There are picnic tables available outside the building.
    • You require 50 cent to operate lockers, which is refundable.
    • Wetsuits are not permitted on slides or in the water.
    • Inappropriate attire, street clothes, clothing with buttons, belts, zips or any metal ornamentation are NOT permitted. Jewellery, watches, glasses, snorkels/masks etc are also NOT permitted.
    • You must obey the directions of Waterworld staff and adhere to information on signs/posters


    • Persons under 1.1 metres (3ft 7in) and adults carrying children are NOT allowed to use the slides or enter the stairway of the slide
    •  For health and Safety and Hygiene rules, appropriate swimwear is required in the Waterpark.  Inappropriate attire, street clothes, clothing with buttons, belts, zips or any metal ornamentation are NOT permitted. Jewellery, watches, glasses, swimming goggles, snorkles/masks etc are also NOT permitted.
    • Slide users are allowed to wear armbands.
    • Enter the slide feet first. Arms must be crossed over chest.
    •  Do NOT slow down or stop deliberately.
    • Only ONE person at a time permitted on the slide.
    • Only ONE person permitted on each step of the stairway.
    • Please clear the splashdown areas immediately on completion of the ride.
    • Waterworld reserves the right to refuse admission and/or enforce further conditions.
    • You must obey the directions of Waterworld staff and adhere to information on signs/posters.
    •  Please ensure landing depth is suitable to your swimming ability.
    • Customers are not allowed to wait in the splashdown areas or aqua catches.
    • The Blue Aqua Slide and Pirate Ship are for children under 1.1 metres (3ft 7in) only.